Seol Hyun will reveal the first Vlog on her Youtube channel, netizens are curious about AOA’s situation

AOA Seol Hyun has just posted a teaser for her soon-to-be-uploaded Vlog on her Youtube channel.

AOA Seol Hyun

On August 24, Seol Hyun posted an Instagram story and wrote, “The first video of ‘Shinning by Seol Hyun’: 23 hours and 18 minutes”

In her Instagram story, Seol Hyun was happily spreading her arms towards the sky. She wore a pink mini dress that exposed her slim arms and legs, showing off her perfect visual.

AOA Seol Hyun

Earlier on August 20, Seol Hyun uploaded a trailer on her Youtube channel “Shining by Seol Hyun” teasing her 1st Vlog. After the “coming soon” video was posted, fans are getting more excited to see the full version of her Vlog.

Meanwhile, in July last year, the former member of AOAKwon Mina claimed that she had been bullied by leader Shin Ji Min during AOA activities. Due to the controversy, Shin Ji Min announced her retirement from the entertainment industry, and Seol Hyun went on hiatus for a long time before she opened her Youtube channel.


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