Seo Ye Ji’s scandalous love affairs

Before being “revealed” by Dispatch to date and control Kim Jung Hyun, Seo Ye Ji had been in love rumours with a series of handsome male stars.

Kim Soo Hyun and his cousin

After the sweet chemistry in the film and behind the scenes of “Psycho, but it’s okay,” many fans supported the couple Seo Ye Ji Kim Soo Hyun.  But a former entertainment reporter revealed that Seo Ye Ji, at that time, was dating Kim Soo Hyun’s cousin.

Kim Soo Hyun’s cousin is Lee Ro Bae, also known as Lee Sa Rang.  Lee Sa Rang is not an unfamiliar name to the audience when he is the director of the movie Real – the most controversial work of Kim Soo Hyun’s career.  Not only that, but Lee Ro Bae is also the co-founder of Gold Medalist – the management company of both Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun.  The source revealed that Lee Ro Bae asked Kim Soo Hyun to help his girlfriend in “Psycho, but it’s okay.

This rumour made Korean netizens seriously shocked.  Especially recently, when the scandal related to Kim Jung Hyun broke out, many netizens found out an old rumor and suspected Seo Ye Ji was a star capable of manipulating a series of famous boyfriends.  Accordingly, the boyfriend of female star G is close to a top star named J.

Not only her boyfriend, but even J was dominated by G.  On the surface, everyone might think that G and J were dating.  Based on these facts, netizens concluded that female stars G is Seo Ye Ji, and J is Kim Soo Hyun.  After “Psycho, but it’s okay,” the fans thought Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun were dating, but maybe the truth is not like that.

Lee Yun Ki

Lee Junki and Seo Yeji were partners for the drama Lawless Lawyer and in the drama they had shared very romantic and also even hot scene. Lee Junki admitted that Seo Yeji made his heart flutter because of her beautiful smile and her enthusiastic working attitude.

2 years after Lawless Lawyer, it seemed like he wasn’t over her. When they met at the red carpet at Asia Artist Awards 2020, Lee Junki said: “It has been a long time since I met Seo Yeji, we had beautiful memory together. She is really pretty today. I told her that it would be great if I can walk with her side by side on stage and I asked if she wanted to link arms with me. I always have been flustered in front of Seo Yeji. Eventually, they linked arms and showed their close relationship not only at the red carpet but also on AAA 2020 stage.

Kim Jung Hyun

On April 12, Dispatch revealed the real reason why Kim Junghyun was rude to Seohyun. Turns out, it was not mental illness and it is also not because he was so into his character. It was because of his girlfriend controlling him. So she won’t let him be close with Seohyun and even talk to the female staff.

Netizen was in shock since Seo Yeji and Kim Junghyun didn’t have any dating rumors, they only starred in the drama Meeting the Memories – First Love (2018) together. Netizen has found out hints about the love couple, not only on screen but also in real life. They share gifts and throwing birthday party together but nobody really noticed.

Because of the scandal, Seo Yeji has been receiving a lot of hate. Netizen said Psycho isn’t just her drama character but herself. Despite the controversy, her label only cancelled her schedule of coming to the drama opening event and still hasn’t have a clear explanation.

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