Seo Ye Ji revealed her real personality through an interview

Before Dispatch accused Seo Ye Ji of manipulating the ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, the actress was very popular with the image of a “crazy girl”. All details related to her scandal have become hot topics.  But after a series of accusations from Dispatch,  old friends, old staff, people can not help doubting the actress’s true personality.

Recently, netizens once again dug up an old interview of Seo Ye Ji, in which the actress revealed her true personality, as well as sharing her school memories.  This interview was to promote the movie Morim School in 2016. Recently, this news ranks 1st in the Naver portal this afternoon (April 20).  During the interview, Seo Ye Ji admitted that she was hard to approach. Even the actress seemed to be isolated, rather than be an ‘iljin’ as an old friend has accused. 

When asked by the MC, “Do you have any memorable memories from school?“, Seo Ye Ji said: “I really don’t remember anything from school. I just remember the SAT, the pressure.  I took a mock exam, then learned to tutor. Actually, I did not like to gossip with my friends. Some friends even called me by the nickname ‘old lady’.  Instead of talking like other kids, I usually talked about my dreams, like going to college.

She went on to confess: “I did not get along with many people. I also had few friends. It was like being isolated.” 

When the MC asked her if there is any difference in personality now, Seo Ye Ji admitted, “Even more so. My ‘old lady’ personality is more than that”.

Seo Ye Ji’s answer in the old interview has become the talk of the town.  Is it true that Seo Ye Ji was the one isolated by her friends, not the one who bullied others like in previous “denunciations” posts?

Source: Ilgan Sports

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