Seo Ye Ji is expected to return to the small screen with a new drama on tvN called “Eve’s Scandal”

Actress Seo Ye has received the “Eve’s Scandal” script and is currently considering the main role in the drama.

Seo Ye Ji

On September 7, according to a report on, it is confirmed that Seo Ye Ji is currently considering to appear as the main character of a new drama called “Eve’s Scandal” (written by Yoon Young Mi and produced by CJ Entertainment), which will be aired on tvN in the first half of next year.

An official of tvN stated, “We already sent the script to Seo Ye Ji. While she was reviewing the script, we will try to coordinate our opinions. We are waiting for her final answer.”

Seo Ye Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, has also stated, “We have received the offer from the production team of “Eve’s Scandal” and is currently reviewing it.”

“Eve’s Scandal” is a passionate melodrama that tells the story of a 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit of a chaebol family that is currently making headlines in Korea. Seo Ye Ji is considering the main role Lee Ra El who was born in a family with a genius father and a beautiful mother. However, the tragedy of Lee Ra El’s family in the past led her to become a “dangerous flower” who owns a fatal charisma. In particular, she is also the center of the 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Seo Ye Ji became a top Hallyu actress after gaining huge success with tvN’s drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”. Unfortunately, not long after the drama ended, Seo Ye Ji was involved in a controversy over her allegedly “manipulating” her ex-boyfriend, Kim Jung Hyun, and the suspicions have not been completely solved until now. Earlier this year, the movie “Recalled” starring Seo Ye Ji was released, and since then, the actress has been on a long hiatus.

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