SBS’s staff is suspected of disparaging and making fun of aespa’s performance skills

Fans said that the SBS staff showed a lack of professionalism when making rude comments about aespa.

From before debut until now, aespa has been constantly involved in a lot of controversies.  Recently, fans were angry when there were rumors that SM Entertainment’s new girl group was treated rudely by a staff of SBS.

On December 1, the SBS Kpop channel posted a facecam of the aespa members when they performed the song Black Mamba at Inkigayo on November 29.  NingNing’s Facecam quickly became the center of controversy because from the 10th second, fans heard a staff  laugh and disparage: “They are f*cking not synchronized.”

This made many people think that the station staff targeted aespa, disparaged the 4 girls’ performing skills.  Although there is   an opinion that SBS staff was talking to colleagues, not making fun of aespa, this person is still criticized for his lack of professionalism.

SBS aespa Black Mamba 1

Usually, those who are on set have to keep absolutely silent while the artist is filming.  So in NingNing’s facecam, the Chinese female idol and her teammates performed pretty well choreography.  The group is appreciated for their ability to perform, so it is difficult for the audiences to understand why they were critized by SBS’s staff.


Currently, SBS has not yet spoken on the question of staff defaming aespa, but the incident is considered “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” with fans of artists under SM.  At the SBS Gayo Daejun 2019 music festival, Wendy (Red Velvet) fell from the stage, resulting in a serious injury due to the station’s fault.  Therefore, the fact that the rookie SM was treated rudely made fans even more angry with SBS.

SBS aespa Black Mamba

Some comments from netizens:

  • “What is this? Is he really part of the staff at SBS? How unprofessional”
  • “Wow I don’t understand.. seems like SBS is holding a grudge against SM”
  • “Staff talking behind the artist’s back caught on camera?”
  • “The audacity of SBS uploading this video as is”
  • “I can’t tell if the conversation was directed to aespa or not”


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