SBS’s 8News: Seungri said “Only introducing the women to them…There was no prostitution”

Singer Seungri denied the allegations that he was involved in sex trafficking, saying, “They did met but only on the level of introducing a female, there was no sexual encounter.”

The SBS “8 News” aired on 18th reported new turns regarding Seungri’s allegations of sex trafficking.

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Police reportedly called Seungri as a suspect on the 14th for an investigation which lasted about 16 hours. Through the investigation, Seungri denied allegations that he was involved in prostitution.

We have secured Seungri’s statement on the suspicion of sex trafficking of victory,” the police said on the 18th, “It is difficult to reveal what the testimony was, but this is the main idea of what we are knowing.

The main content of the testimony is that Seungri denied the allegations, saying, “We only met in order to introduce women to acquaintances. There was no prostitution involved.

In addition, the police are investigating allegations of overseas sex trade and other charges of Seungri.

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