SBS “8News”: There is another Kakaotalk chat room that includes movie stars Shin and Han

The existence of another Kakaotalk chat room was confirmed even before the scandal over the illegal sex video sharing group, which includes singer Jung Joon-young, was over. Another scandal is expected as it was known to belong to actor Shin, actor Han and model Jung.

SBS’s “8 News” which aired on April 4th, revealed the real nature of a group chat which houses the son of a wealthy family, celebrities and Arena Club MD.

Victim A appeared on the aforementioned broadcast. She said she found the illegal footage on her lover’s external hard drive, which included photos and videos of sex illegally taken. She also found the contents of the Kakaotalk conversation. There were lots of people, and the women in the video were in the same condition where they couldn’t even steady themselves. “I could tell that they took it habitually,” she said. She added that more than 100 videos were uploaded with the intention of “even though it’s just a bit I still have to move it here“.

This is similar to the controversial group chat of Jung Joon-young. Especially, the group chat where illegal filming was shared included movie stars actor Shin, actor Han and model Jung. Another chat room also reportedly include the wealthy characters and the Arena Club MD.
In the end, A sued Kim in July last year, and the Gangnam Police Station sent Kim to the court with the opinion of an indictment. Prosecutors will also file additional complaints against members of the group chat room, it said.

More than a dozen women were affected. However, it is shocking that the police reportedly conducted a poor investigation. A claimed that dozens of women in the video were illegally filmed. Police, however, reportedly did not investigate other victims even after securing evidence. A said the investigation was delayed. Police said they raided Kim’s residence but failed to find an external hard drive, but the external hard drive was said to be in Kim’s office. In response, the police explained that it is difficult to search Kim’s residence because it is not consistent.

Movie stars Shin and Han, who allegedly joined the group chat where the illegal footage was shared, said through their agency that they had never created a group chat, but after confirming the members of the group chat room, they denied any illegal filming or distribution.

Sources: Nate

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