Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) have just acted beyond imagination, which scared Knet

A famous Winter (aespa) fansite masternim has just had a post that surprised many Knet

At 13:00 on January 1 (KST), SM held a completely free online concert titled ‘SM TOWN LIVE Culture Humanity’. Although they do not sell tickets, from the line-up consisting of popular SM artists to the quality of each stage, all meet the criteria of ‘eye-catching and ear-catching’, making fans and netizens satisfied.

Especially this is also the first time the company’s ‘youngest’ group, aespa, has participated in the SM family concert. The girls performed t’Black Mamba’, which received many positive feedbacks. In addition, member Winter also participated in performing the cover of the song ‘Yours’ EDM version by DJ Raiden (original by Chanyeol x DJ Raiden ft. Lee Hi, Changmo).

Immediately, Winter received many compliments for her stable vocal skills and beautiful voice color. Recently, however, aespa’s visual ‘Yours’ has suddenly become a hot topic on Korean online forums, but this time it is due to a not so positive reason.

Specifically, a famous Winter fansite posted a fancam video recording the female idol’s performance in SM’s concert today. However, this was originally an online concert, recorded in secret and had absolutely no fans attending. So where did this fancam come from?

Immediately, Korean netizens confirmed that Winter’s masternim is a sasaeng fan. From the angles of the fancam, it can be seen that the cameraman is standing at the backstage. However, the angle of recording is not too narrow, and although many segments are not clear, the video format is still up to 4K. This means this person is filming openly

Knet is not sure how this person was able to get into the recording location and many theories have been put forward. Someone said that this sasaeng fan broke into the studio, some thought it was the filming staff and then sold this video to the masternim, there were others who believed that this masternim had a relationship with the company so she can post videos without fear of being sued by the company. This same case happened with a famous fansite of Taeyeon (SNSD).

Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) 2
Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) 2

However, it’s unexceptable to record fancams at online concert. Many netizens are also scared of crazy saesang fans. Aespa’s fans also get angry at that masternim because this is not the first time. Previously, that masternim is also suspected of being saesang fans because she often takes photos of aespa when they have unpubliced schedules.

Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) 2
Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) 2

Some comments:

– Is it an online concert? How could she do?

– Crazy!

– I thought she is a staff of SM. Or a staff has sold these fancams to saesang fans

– It’s beyond my imagination

Sasaeng fans of Winter (aespa) 2

Sources: tinnhac

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