Sandara Park shared about her life in a five-star hotel

Sandara Park shared her current life while living in a hotel.

On 24 April, Sandara Park posted on her Instagram with the caption: “My daily life. I want to feel like my real home, so I brought a lot of stuff, ordered food for delivery, and enjoyed the night view. It’s good to be in a hotel! The breakfast is also delicious. If you need something in the morning, there’s a convenience store in the hotel and everything is there. #Daily #Healing #Hocance #Workhardplayhard.”

In addition, the released photo shows Sandara Park posing in various places in the hotel. The splendid night view also attracts attention.

Earlier, Sandara Park said that she planned to stay at a five-star hotel in Seoul every day. Someone commented on the post. A house construction, a very busy schedule, and a full-time project, these all lead to a desire to live alone.

Source: Nate

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