Sana’s post angered grandchild of a forced labor victim, “no sense of guilt for what your country has done”

Amid the controversy over what TWICE Sana has posted on Instagram, a comment of a netizen who identified herself as the only granddaughter of a victim of forced labor is attracting attention.

The account who is believed to be a forced labor victim’s granddaughter, posted the comment on the account of Park Jin-young (JYP’s CEO), saying “I’m writing this comment with a wave of imminent anger. It’s been a little over a year since my grandfather passed away,” she said in a lengthy comment.


The netizen said, “Before his life, he led his elderly body to the media and various events to inform people of the truth about Japan’s forced labor crime, demanded a genuine apology and compensation from Japan, and even went back to the warship island which was surrounded by his horrible past to prevent it from being registered with a fabricated history under UNESCO World Heritage. Thinking about him, even looking at Sana’s word makes me feel guilty“.

We haven’t received any apology about Japan’s brutality in the past to this day,” she said. “Seeing Sana mentioning the reign era, a symbol of military nationalism and the basis of Japanese right-wing forces, I can see that as people of a war crime country, they are not guilty one bit. Such a disgraceful post“.

In addition, she continued, “My grandfather, who was a young teenager under Japanese militarism, had been through humiliation and disgrace that even me or Mr. Park Jin Young here will never be able to imagine“.

It doesn’t matter if the last emperor is close or not. The problem is that Japanese members working in Korea are not ashamed of the militaristic history that Japan has put on us Korean,” she pointed out.

Finally, “Teach your idol proper history education. “Don’t put capital on history. As a key producer, you should apologize for the rash actions that Sana has done.


Earlier on April 30, Sana wrote in Japanese on TWICE’s official Instagram, “As a person born in the Heisei era, I feel melancholy that Heisei will end, but thank you for your hard work“. The name “Heisei” mentioned by Sana is an era name used by Japanese Emperor Akihito during his reign. It ended with Emperor Akihito’s resignation on April 30th. A new era – ‘”Reiwa” -will be opened with the inauguration of the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

Some netizens pointed out that it was rash for Sana to write such a message on TWICE’s official account at a time when the stressful relationship between Korea and Japan is not yet solved. On the other hand, some said that there was no direct reference to the Japanese emperor in Sana’s post.

Sources: Nate

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