Sana (TWICE) suddenly kicked off a wig while performing, but it was Nayeon’s expression that caught the attention

A small incident happened on stage during TWICE’s performance of the new song, making fans unable to hold back their laughter

Recently, TWICE is in process of promoting their new song Alcohol-free. However, the JYP girls recently delighted netizens with a little “incident” during their performance at Music Bank. 

Specifically, leader Jihyo, during the performance, accidentally dropped a wig on the stage.  However, because TWICE was still performing, even though the situation was in front of them, the girls had to keep a professional attitude.

In the end, Sana played the “hero”. When it was her turn to go to the center, she kicked the wig down.  This segment was recorded live on camera.  Anyway, what makes the audience most excited is Nayeon’s expression.  She couldn’t help but laugh at this funny situation.

Source: K14

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