Sana (TWICE) cried and kept her head down on the way to KBS Music Bank

A post about member Sana of girl group TWICE showed tears on her way to the station to attend a music show on May 3 is heating up the Internet.

On the same day, various communities share the so-called “on the way to work” video showing Sana arriving at the station to appear on KBS’ “Music Bank”. It was a short video in which Sana, who dyed her hair blond, could not raise her head among the other members and kept walking while keeping her head down.

Some fans speculated that this is because Sana was criticized by some netizens after she recently posted some messages regarding the Japanese imperial transition on the group’s Instagram account.

One foreign fan, however, posted a video of the same scene from a different angle, explaining that “Sana cried after watching a small event that the fans held for her.” The video showed the fans dancing together in front of TWICE. Sana, who had some eye contacts with her fans, bowed her head as she stepped away.

The netizens who post the video said, “Sana has a warm and pure heart. Please protect her,” and added a hashtag, “WeLoveYouSANA.”

Sana, a Japanese, posted a selfie photo on April 30 with the caption, “As a person born in the Heisei era, I feel I’m sad that the Heisei era is coming to an end. Heisei, you’ve been working hard. Let’s make today (April 30th), the last day of Heisei, a clean day for a new start of Reiwa era.” There were many opinions that it’s just a normal appreciation letter from Sana, but some others said that it was inappropriate for a celebrity who mainly works in Korea to mention the imperial transition of Japan.

Sources: Nate

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