Samsung has given to Black Pink “a special gift”

Black Pink members are making headlines after receiving a surprise gift from Samsung.

On the 17th, Black Pink members posted on their Instagram the gift they received from Samsung ‘Galaxy Fold’.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has not on the market yet is the first foldable smartphone, pre-orders are currently only in America.

Black Pink members, who first got the Galaxy Fold on their hands, have released post-production with the product.

Jennie sat down, folded and unfolded the Galaxy fold, and then repeated. Lisa and Rosé said the Galaxy fold, which folds freely like paper, was amazing.

Especially, Ji-soo has caught the eye by revealing pictures that show off her beauty with Galaxy Folds.

On the other hand, Samsung’s ambitious ‘Galaxy Fold’ has received explosive attention as it is sold out as soon as it starts to book sales in the United States on 12th.

The U.S. price of the Galaxy Folder is expected to be around US$80 and the domestic launch price is expected to be around 2.4 million won. The regular U.S. launch date is on the 26th, and Korea will not be available until the middle of next month.

Sources: Nate

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