Sakura (IZ*ONE) is criticized to be “escort girl” because of the bikini photos from the past

Cultural differences and a series of bikini photos made Sakura’s image look bad.

Sakura is the most famous Japanese member of the current IZ*ONE team. Sakura‘s influence overwhelms the center of Jang Won-young while standing side by side. Prior to joining IZ*ONE, Sakura spent seven years as a member of HKT48 in Japan.

Recently, Korean netizen dug up a series of photos from Sakura’s past. While in Japan, Sakura used to take a lot of sexy bikini pictures, even when she did not pass the age of adult. Just typing the phrase “Miyawaki Sakura bikini” on google, fans can find hundreds of her hot photos. It is known that the bikini photography for the Japanese star is the minimum and almost mandatory. Even younger idols are putting into the lolita theme to attract more fans.

Sakura’s past sensitive images

However, for Koreans, these images are quite offensive. Korean female idols are very discreet and know how to keep their clear image.

That made Sakura the centerpiece of K-net’s criticism:

“Hey, the ones who are screaming “how many people think she likes to shoot like that? ” should go and see Produce 101. The reason she is part of Produce 101 is so that people are more interested in HKT48. She had many bikini photos like this every day. She joined IZ * ONE just because of PR for HKT48. All she wants is to take advantage of Kpop”
“Looking horrible. Why stick to KPOP? “
“Don’t protect her by saying that she is an angel anymore. The escort women have not received a good apology, they are the ones who need mercy”
“Doesn’t she look like some prostitutes in the bar? Just ask her if she likes what she is doing or not, surely she will answer that it is for personal benefit only. Why would she do it if she didn’t want to?”

Source: tinnhac

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