Sakura, former IZ*ONE member, has enraged Knets with her performance in Japan

Sakura is getting hate from the Korean public even though it was previously reported that she would return to Korea after graduating from HKT48.

Korean netizens were buzzing on May 29th after a blogger shared clips from former IZ*ONE member, Miyawaki Sakura’s performance in Japan. Sakura was accused of making fun of Korean WIZ*ONE in the post, which contained photos from the concert as well as a snapshot of Murashige Anna’s Instagram story, as shown below.


Murashige Anna did a story about Sakura’s stan, with a banner writing “I only stan you Sakura, I love you” in Korean, as shown in the attached photos. Anna is hauled away by security afterwards.


By writing Korean on the sign Anna was holding, many netizens assumed she was ridiculing Korean fans.

The following are some of the reactions:

1. [+281, -2] A Japanese down to her bones

“When you hear things like that, do you think that it was still a good thing that you participated in Produce?”
“As expected, I did everything for this. For me coming out on Produce was an opportunity for me to bring more interest towards the 48 group HKT48. I was happy. If I promoted under IZ*ONE, More people [who know HKT48] will increase too.”

2. [+278, -1] Seeing Korean words like that disgusts me

3. [+229, -1] Isn’t Sakura crazy?

4. [+102, -2] There are WIZ*ONEs in Japan too, but she had to write it in Korean. It’s freaking funnyㅋㅋ Imagine IZ*ONE members performing in Korea with a grandpa acting like an AKB Japanese fan, Japan will go crazy for sure. I don’t think she’s even mocking the Wizone here, but only the Korean idol fans. I bet the people watching are all right-wing grandpa

5. [+93, -0] But why did she have to write the board in Korean? The Japanese concert only has Japanese Wizone attendees

6. [+1,471, -11] As expected this is so Japanese. As soon as she goes back to Japan, Sakura’s portraying the Korean fans like thatㅋ

7. [+1,305, -6] How can she ridicule the fans like that when Sakura received so much love from them….? This is too far

8. [+1,269, -14] No but there are barely any Korean female fans;; Most of them are ajussis no??

9. [+636, -15] 

10. [+606, -2] I don’t know the content that comes before and after but just looking at the gif, this makes me quite mad? Like a Korean going crazy in a JPOP concert.. That’s the vibe I get from this… Yet nowadays, Japanese people are the ones who are hungry for KPOP

Source: Pann.nate

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