Ryu Sera (9Muses) was kicked out of the group and threatened by the CEO

Ryu Sera revealed, “I was kicked out of the group because of my unsuitable appearance and the CEO threatened to break my leg.”

In an interview with YouTuber Fefo Caires on May 4, former leader and the lead vocalist of Nine Muses – Ryu Sera shared the dark side of the K-Pop industry that she has experienced.

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Ryu Sera revealed that the company actually forced her to leave the group. The CEO also threatened to hurt her.  Specifically, around the time they discussed renewing after the contract expires, the things had happened . The company repeatedly complained that she did not do well enough or did not have a suitable appearance. 

Nine Muses were well-known as the idol – “model” group that why Sera has struggled with her not impressive height.  This made her wonder, “What is my position in the group?”  during the discussion.

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Nine Muses were well-knowns as all members have outstanding height like models

At first, Ryu Sera had no intention of renewing the contract. However, she changed her mind. She asked the company to add some terms to the contract and work plan in the future.

But then one day, Ryu Sera read an article saying she was leaving the group without her knowledge.  When asking for specific explanations, she received a threat to “break the leg” from the company’s CEO.

“I think my boss thought that I crossed the line when I asked too many things, like us deciding what songs and concepts or what to wear in the future. I don’t think he liked it.”

said Ryu Sera.

At the end of the interview, Ryu Sera shared that she no longer has a grudge against Star Empire.  In addition, the CEO no longer threatens to “break her leg every time they meet”, so she made up with him 3 years ago.

Ryu Sera also revealed that she never signed any contracts with a new company and she stayed silent for a while, focusing on releasing her album on her own and making her Youtube channel. “I was hiding, he has huge connections,” said Ryu Sera.

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Ryu Sera now works as a YouTuber

However, the female singer said threats and blackmail are very “normal” things.  Whether in the past or the present, it is still happening a lot in the Korean entertainment industry.

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Sera once revealed that she was forced to step down as Nine Muses’ leader because she cried over garter belts

Nine Muses debuted in 2010, taking the name from 9 goddess Muses, the children of Zeus.  Undergoing many changes in the lineup but with no success, by 2019 the group disbanded.

Source: Youtube

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