Ryu Jun Yeol leads high school photographers to explore Jeju Island’s natural beauty in upcoming documentary show

Join Ryu Jun Yeol and a group of talented high school photographers as they explore the natural wonders of Jeju Island in a captivating new documentary.

On April 22nd, tvN’s “Ryu Jun Yeol and the Photographers in School Uniforms” (literal title), a documentary featuring actor Ryu Jun Yeol and six high school students who love photography as they explore Jeju Island to capture the beauty of nature and discover the importance of preserving it, will premiere.

Ryu Jun Yeol

Produced in commemoration of “Earth Day,” all filming except for the use of drones was done with smartphones to vividly showcase the diverse beauty of nature that we may not have known before.

As the main character who will lead the program, Ryu Jun Yeol will be playing an active role. As a former environmental activist for Greenpeace, he has continued to advocate for a healthy planet by taking the lead in environmental protection challenges that can be practiced in everyday life. He has even hosted photo exhibitions as a photographer, showing his passion for environmentalism and photography.

Ryu Jun Yeol’s profound knowledge and experience with the environment and photography make him the perfect guide to connect the program and the viewers.

“Ryu Jun Yeol and the Photographers in School Uniforms” sets out to explore Jeju Island through their lenses in groups of two, with three teams in total. 

Ryu Jun Yeol

The six high school students, who all share a passion for photography, will work together to capture the importance of preserving the environment.

As each team explores different locations, their unique personalities will undoubtedly be reflected in the final outcome, making it a special point of interest for viewers.

In the recently released teaser video for the program, Ryu Jun Yeol can be seen naturally interacting with the students, having previously worked as an after-school teacher for theater musicals before his debut and being a perfect fit for this special photo class in nature.

“I am thrilled and excited to be a part of this exploration,” Ryu Jun Yeol said. He will act as a special teacher, offering support and advice to the “photographers in school uniforms” and encouraging them to do their best.

Jeju Island, with its forests, beaches, and hills, will be a source of infinite inspiration for the young photographers. The island, with its efforts to preserve its natural beauty in the face of environmental pollution caused by the influx of tourists, holds great significance for those studying the environment. 

Ryu Junyeol

It is the perfect place to showcase the breathtaking beauty of nature while also emphasizing the importance of preserving it.

The production team shared, “‘Ryu Jun Yeol and the Photographers in School Uniforms’ is a documentary that follows the exciting journey of people who use their smartphones to take beautiful photos of nature and create amazing art. As we planned the program, we wanted to take the audience along with the students on their journey, helping them to naturally realize the importance of nature and environmental protection. Ryu Jun Yeol is passionate about photography and environmentalism so he is the perfect fit for the program’s protagonist.”

They continued, “We hope that viewers will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Jeju Island captured through smartphone cameras and naturally feel the importance of protecting it.”

Source: Wikitree

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