Ryu Jin’s new hairstyle made fans angry with ITZY’s stylist

In addition to the weird outfits, the makeup and hair styling of the ITZY members also make fans angry. Recently, Ryu Jin’s hairstyle has also caused great controversy.

ITZY Ryu Jin’s new photo shocked fans because her hair was too ugly.  At first glance, netizens thought the female idol was wearing a prominent purple headband on platinum blonde hair.  When taking a closer look, fans were shocked to discover that it was a wig attached by the stylist to create a highlight.  The way the stylist attached them makes Ryu Jin’s hair split into distinct areas, it looks like it’s … falling out of her head.

During this group’s comeback, the stylist intentionally gave Ryu Jin a cool hairstyle with a highlight-dyed hair that looks like a headband.  In photoshoot, her appearance looks quite good and natural.

However, when she appeared on stage, her visual shocked fans with her weird hairstyle.

The outstanding colored wigs against the hair background did not help ITZY’s visual become outstanding, but also made her look rustic.

Recently, ITZY’s stylist often creates weird hairstyles for the girls.  Most of these hairstyles are not suitable for the members and make their beauty significantly reduced.  So fans got angry and asked JYP to treat the group better.

Source: ione

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