‘Running Man’ spin-off is criticized for unfairly treating male idols

The male idols worked hard throughout the filming, but it seemed that their efforts were in vain.

The spin-off of ‘Running Man‘ – ‘Outrun by Running Man’ shown on Disney+ with three key members Jong Kook, Haha and Ji Suk Jin received great anticipation from fans.

Running Man Spin-off
Poster for ‘Outrun by Running Man’ shown on Disney+ platform

However, when episode 2 just aired, the show received mixed reactions from the audience.  Specifically, the “Outrun by Running Man” crew invited 10 boy group members to attend as guests, but the way the show treated them made netizens angry.

Running Man Spin-off
The 10 male idols who were guests in episode 2 used animal masks to cover their faces.

According to the game’s rules, all ten idols must wear masks. They must win the game in order to be revealed and appear live. If they fail the challenge, the idols will basically still be broadcast, but it will be difficult for the audience to recognize them because the idols’ nametags do not have their stage names but only the group names.

Running Man Spin-off
A VERIVERY member tries to steal Haha’s nametag

Being featured on the spin-off of a popular show throughout Asia like ‘Running Man‘ is a great opportunity for idols to increase their public awareness.  However, with the show’s rules, the 10 idols participating in episode 2 ‘Outrun by Running Man‘ will most likely not achieve their promotional goals despite working very hard during the recording process.

Running Man Spin-off
A male idol shouted, “Sunbaenim, let me get promoted once, just once” in episode 2.

Korean viewers expressed anger on online forums:

  • What is it, why are they using idols like that?
  • They work hard and in the end get nothing in return.
  • What is the production team thinking? Why are they making fun of one person’s efforts?
  • What an uncultured behavior from the production team.

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