Running Man released Lee Kwang Soo’s last photo in the final episode: “If only time stopped at this moment…”

“Running Man” released the last photos of Lee Kwang Soo in the final episode.

On June 11th, SBS “Running Man” posted on Instagram official account: “Goodbye, our special brother. The last recorded photos with eternal member Kwang Soo was revealed. If time stopped like at this moment…”

These photos are Lee Kwang Soo’s appearance in the last episode. People are drew attention because he was wearing an orange jumpsuit with a small number of ‘3991’.

3991 is the number counted from 11th July, 2010, when “Running Man” was first broadcast, to 13th June, 2021, when Lee Kwang Soo got down.

On 24th of last month, Lee Kwang Soo recorded the last episode in “Running Man”. It is known that the “giraffe”, who suffered a leg injury in a car accident last year, has been continuously receiving rehabilitation treatment. However, it was difficult for him to keep the best condition for recording the show, so finally he decided to stop.

The agency King Kong by Starship shared: “Lee Kwang Soo decided to take time to make up his body and mind”. And “It was not easy to make the decision to leave the show which he has attended for 11 years, but we have come to the decision that he needs physical time to show his better sides in the future activities. He will see you with a healthy and bright image.”

Source: Dispatch

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