Running Man hosts its own Squid Game: is Kwang Soo the frontman?

The thrilling race inspired by Squid Game is sure to make the audience unable to ignore.

Squid Game is currently causing a worldwide craze, contributing to creating interesting trends imbued with Korean culture. A series of trends based on the effects of this series quickly went viral on social networks. Running Man, one of Korea’s most popular entertainment shows, swiftly picked up on the trend and produced an explosive episode.

Running Man Squid Game
The first image of the Squid Game race is revealed through the latest teaser of Running Man
Running Man Squid Game
The background and costumes all have been recreated
Running Man Squid Game
The members also caught up with the game’s tense atmosphere

Netizens have started to discuss the challenges that will be recreated in this race, such as tug of war, honeycomb candy, and marbles game. These are particularly familiar challenges that once occurred in the show.

running man squid game 14102021 4
Most of the games in Squid Game have been done by Running Man members, such as tug of war…
Running Man Squid Game
Running Man Squid Game
marble game
running man squid game 14102021 6
Honeycomb candy
running man squid game 14102021 8
And is Lee Kwang Soo the frontman?

Running Man’s Squid Game race airs this Sunday (October 17, 2021) on SBS.

Source: K14

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