Rumours said that Wanna One haven’t disbanded completely

Though it’s just rumors, some of the members continuing to extend their contracts and work under the name of Wanna One receiving a lot of mixed opinions from fans.

On October 30th, netizens and especially fans of Wanna One are once again surprised by this group’s rumour that they will remain active with some members re-signing the contract. As such, Wanna One may fall into an incomplete disbandment.


Earlier, there was a lot of speculation about the future of the boy group from “Produce 101”, most notably was the news that Mnet and Swing Entertainment acted “threatening” to all members Wanna One to re-sign the contracts. However, it seems unlikely as some members will definitely end the contracts, leaving Wanna One to return to their companies. In particular, the rumours that four-member unit of Wanna One appearing at the upcoming MGA 2018 awards ceremony left fans being suspicious of the four remaining members to continue their activities under Wanna One.

According to the exclusion method, the four members who will not return to the company and extend the contract could be: Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, leader Yoon Jisung and Kim Jaehwan. The reason is that at the present, these 4 members have no information about the future after leaving Wanna One.

According to many information, Kang Daniel will debut solo after leaving Wanna One
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Wanna One, Ong seongwoo, photo
Ong Seongwoo will debut his solo career by taking the main role in the movie “18”.
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Too successful, WANNA ONE will not disband after 1 year as planned?
After leaving Wanna One, Ha Sungwoon will be likely to reunite with HOTSHOT in the near future

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