Rumor on BLACKPINK being “cut off” by SBS and isn’t allowed to promote the new song after the Seungri’s scandal?

Although YG and SBS are close to each other, after the scandals both parties must have been “chipped” of their feelings and BLACKPINK is the group which is affected the most.

BLACKPINK is in danger of not being able to promote a new album on Inkigayo, and cannot participate in the SBS Super Concert line-up in May.
Once considered to be one of Big 3’s “toughest” companies as it’s not afraid to boycott some radio stations, YG makes many Kpop fans admire because of the spirit of protecting their artists and their musical works. However, now, YG seems to be in a difficult position because even a “good-looking” brother SBS officially turns its back to the company of “Daddy Yang”.

YG CEO – Yang Hyun Suk used to have a good relationship with SBS.

Talking about the old relationship between SBS and YG, people felt good feelings from both sides. As for YG, not only are the artists under the company are allowed to promote, go to shows or attend all the concerts of SBS, but YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk also takes on the role of K-Pop Star judge for many seasons.

SBS also paid the favor to YG as they strongly favored the artist under Yang Hyun Suk when investing heavily in performance stages, arranging for YG artists to perform at the festival and year-end music shows or put them in a lot of interesting variety shows.

YG, in particular, BLACKPINK works hard on SBS show time and events.

Despite having a good relationship in the past, but in recent months, SBS suddenly turned 180 degrees, continuously hitting YG and the company’s artist as it released the information on the scandals of the former member of BIGBANG – Seungri. The two programs that lead the way in exposing Seungri and YG’s crimes are SBS FunE and SBS 8 O’Clock News.

Not only that, but SBS also made it difficult for the company as it kicked BLACKPINK out of the first line-up for SBS Super Concert, even though the group is always fully participated in SBS music events from SBS Inkigayo, SBS Super Concert or SBS Gayo Daejun.

The line-up of SBS Super Concert without BLACKPINK.

In addition, at the end of this March, BLACKPINK is expected to release a new mini-album, so not being included in SBS Super Concert raises netizens’ doubts about SBS and YG being in a bad relationship.

If YG and SBS turned their backs to each other, BLACKPINK was in danger of not being able to promote their new album on Inkigayo show.

Before these rumors of netizen, many fans said that the fact that BLACKPINK was not present in the first line-up of SBS Super Concert is because the 4 YG girls are busy with the schedule in the North American tour until May. So, fans are still putting a lot of hope into the second line-up of this show. Let’s take a look at some netizen comments offline:

  • “SBS turned its back against YG so it’ll be difficult for BLACKPINK to have a comeback this time”.
  • “Could it be that BLACKPINK will not promote on Music Core?”
  • “They should be like Big Hit with JYP who are doing well with the stations. SM and YG keep on boycotting one station to another and now it has no place to promote. ”
  • “When boycotting KBS in the past, YG was praised by the fans, now I’m afraid there is no station to promote for YG’s artists. ”
  • “I thought Mr. Yang was promoting at weekly music shows that took time? Now there’s a lot of free time.”
  • “Yeah, don’t promote, YG is cool.”

Although amidst the controversy, YGX artist Anda is still promoting on Inkigayo weekly music show. Hopefully, SBS and YG will clarify the relationship in the future so that groups under the company will not be affected, especially BLACKPINK. What do you think about this issue of SBS and YG?

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