Rozalin (Street Woman Fighter) recently responded to the controversy over her scamming lesson fee

Internet users are getting angrier at Rozalin, a member of WANT crew from “Street Woman Fighter”, recently involving in a controversy over scamming.

On September 29, Rozalin was exposed to scamming 2.9-million-won of the lesson fee. A person posted on NatePann claiming that she asked a dancer appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” to help her with the entrance exam last year, but in the end, she didn’t get any lessons nor the refund of the lesson fee.

Upon hearing the disclosure, netizens started to gather up and criticized Rozalin’s action. Currently, Rozalin’s Instagram has been flooded with comments asking for her clarification of the case:

  • This is truly a daylight robbery. So, in the end, she didn’t even pay back a won.
  • Did she really scam a minor?
  • I feel bad for the student
  • I don’t understand why you said you would only refund 500.000 won, but it’s so ridiculous that until now, you still haven’t pay back the money yet.
  • The entrance exam is the first gate of a person in their life. Please don’t do this to a student who is preparing for an entrance exam
  • This is a scam, isn’t it?
  • Aren’t you the person who delayed the lesson until July? Why are you blaming the student?
  • Not only did you make a joke of other’s life but why did you do this with a student in an entrance exam preparation?

In this regard, Rozalin is drawing attention as she recently responded to a netizen. The dancer said, “People talk a lot about me; perhaps it’s because of the show. Yes, it’s not like that. I didn’t take on many students for the entrance exam, and I only helped 3 students to pass the entrance exam to Kookmin University. I was still proceeding with the entrance exam lesson. It’s not true to say that I received the fee but didn’t give a lesson, I planned it all, but it was the parents who unilaterally canceled the lesson through a phone call without asking me first. I don’t care about the online posts anymore, don’t mention this to me again. But thank you for worrying about me.”

rozalin street woman fighter

As a result, netizens are wondering whether it is a response to the controversy over the 2.9-million-won scam or the allegation of a dancer scamming 5 million won previously posted in other online communities. However, many Internet users speculate that Rozalin’s response may be an explanation for the controversy over the scam of 2.9-million-won lesson fee.

Source: Nate

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