Rosé’s fans were criticized for ’embarrassing their idol’ in front of YG building

On June 9, an international fan group of Rosé (Black Pink) hired a truck to run around the YG building.  On the truck is a LED screen writing the fan requests for the main vocal of Black Pink.  Accordingly, fans urged YG to let Rosé release a solo song, sing OST, give opportunities for Rosé to have more solo projects, collaborations and care more about Rosé’s styling.  “Give Rosé what she deserves!”, is the slogan fans put on the truck.

Among the requests fan sent to YG, there was a message about singing OST that was very noticeable: “It’s a shame that Rosé didn’t have an OST for K-dramas while she sang with so many emotions and always delivers the song perfectly. We want her to have an OST as soon as possible. “

 On TheQoo, Korean netizens reacted negatively to this truck of Rosé international fans.  According to Knetz, Rosé has an unique and attractive voice, she deserves a solo song.  However, fans urging YG to let Rosé sing OST is another story because it depends on the drama or movie producers  and not the agency of artists.  Besides, netizen said that there is no evidence that YG ever rejected the opportunity to sing OST of the female idol born in 1997, so fans cannot put all the blame on YG.  This action of fans is said to be “unreasonable demand”, “only lowers the value of the idol”, “embarrassing Rosé, …”

 This is not the first time Black Pink fans rent a truck to make “demands” for their idols in front of the YG building.  In situations like this, YG gave feedback to reduce the anger of fans.  However, this time, Korean fans said that YG will “ignore” because more than a week ago, the company has already confirmed that Rosé will release a solo song in September. Meanwhile, request for her to sing OST is a somewhat unreasonable demand.

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