Rosé wore a super short and sexy tube-top with outstanding blond hair on the American show

Rosé is the member who caught the most attention of Black Pink thanks to her impressive moment while performing ‘Pretty Savage’.

On January 28, Black Pink appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden to promote the upcoming online concert The Show on January 31st.  The girls had a chance to chat with host James Corden about the concert as well as Rosé’s solo debut.  Black Pink also presented the Pretty Savage Remix version stage with a live band.


Black Pink’s most impressive member on the stage is Rosé.  The female idol wore a super sexy outfit: a short crop-top with sparkling sequin skirts, and outstanding gloves.  Rosé was praised for her stable live voice, seductive charisma with impressive moments

Rosé wore a super short and sexy tube-top

Rosé’s cut video has reached more than 500,000 views with thousands of comments. The keyword  #Roseanne was on top trend in many countries in the world.  The name of Rosé also entered the top search on Melon during the show.  Many fans said that in today’s performance, the stage was quite dark, so Rosé also stood out thanks to her blond hair.  Some foreign fans also commented that the female idol looks like a European American singer.

Rosé wore a super short and sexy tube-top

Some comments: “Rosé is crazy. Can’t take my eyes off her”;  “Her visual and body are just amazing”;  “Rosé has everything, beautiful and performing well”;  “She shows herself as an extremely passionate artist every time she stands on the stage”;  “Can’t wait until Rosé’s solo. She’s so cool” …

Rosé wore a super short and sexy tube-top

The YG girlgroup shows their charisma when everytime they appear, they all attract attention.  Other members like Lisa, Jennie, Ji Soo were also praised for their charisma.  With the performance at The Late Late Show With James Corden, fans are eagerly awaiting Black Pink’s The Show concert, as well as Rosé’s upcoming solo debut.

Rosé wore a super short and sexy tube-top

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