Rosé was suddenly asked about her boyfriend when she appeared on Running Man with BLACKPINK

However, Rosé’s reaction was also noticed

BLACKPINK returned to Running Man after three years and 10 months with a full 4-member lineup. This episode will be broadcast next week. The fact that this year YG lets their artists actively participate in both music shows and reality shows is unbelievable. 

The appearance of BLACKPINK of course received a warm welcome from Running Man members. The 4 girls did an explosive choreography of Lovesick Girls, but something unexpected happened. There was a “5th member” who danced with BLACKPINK. But not as expected, this girl received disparaging comments from the Running Man members. She turned out to be Jeon So Min – the girl who cannot be absent from all fun!

However, it is worth noting that when the 4 girls and the Running Man members played the truth game. In the game, everyone wore cat ears, if the person told the truth, the cat’s ears would prick up. Rosé had a bit of difficulty when she had to answer the question “Do you have a boyfriend?”. Don’t know if the show was edited or not, but if things really went like that then maybe Rosé has had a boyfriend

Sources: k14

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