Rosé was spotted hanging out at a museum with a man but no dating rumor broke out!

It turns out that the man who was with Rosé is actually a familiar one!

Rosé (BLACKPINK) returned to Korea on September 30 after wrapping up her schedule at Paris Fashion Week 2021, whereas Jennie and Jisoo have remained in France thus far. As a result, many people believe she has an important schedule in Korea.

However, after returning to Korea, the first time Rosé was seen by fans was at an exhibition.  On October 4, a fan met Rosé at the Leeum Samsung Art Museum in Seoul.  In particular, Rosé did not go alone, but also appeared with a man!  Not a stranger, it’s producer Teddy.  In the captured photo, Rosé is listening attentively to the museum staff explaining the exhibition’s meaning.

Many fans immediately thought the two were on the lookout for ideas for their upcoming music project. In particular, the recent rumor that Rosé will collaborate with IU on the forthcoming song of the ‘LILAC’ singer has stirred up the Kpop fan community.

blackpink rose teddy
  • Rosé went with Teddy to the art museum to find inspiration for new music, I bet.
  • Rosé goes with Teddy, Teddy is the music director.  Recently, there is a rumor that Rosé is collaborating with IU, definitely a collab!
  • Maybe the song Rosé collab with IU is called Museum
  • Actually Rosé is simply going to the museum…
blackpink rose teddy

Source: K14

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