Rosé reveals the reason why she can cry at any moment

Rosé (BLACKPINK) appeared impressive in the photo series on the April issue of VOGUE Australia, accompanied by an interesting interview.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand but raised in Australia, Rosé (BLACKPINK) is one of the rare K-Pop idols with 3 nationalities: Australia, New Zealand, and Korea.  However, her solo appearance on the cover of Australia’s VOGUE magazine is still a very surprising thing.

The cover page with two main colors black – pink (BLACKPINK) is quite eye-catching.  Rosé wears a dress that is not too picky but shows off her slim body like a supermodel.  The cover read: “Rosé of BLACKPINK, our global K-Pop superstar.”

The main vocal of BLACKPINK also has a very friendly, cute, and lovely interview with this famous magazine.  In a question that seemed to make she think of sad memories: “What can make you cry?”, the female idol surprised fans and netizens with an answer. It turns out she also has simple feelings of happiness and sadness like any normal person. 

The female idol happily said: “There are many things that can make me cry.  Especially when I eat something… so delicious, I can shed tears right away!  Many times like that.”

Many netizens, after reading this information, have joined and shared with her.  Some people expressed happiness when it turned out that a beautiful singer like Rosé also cried when eating delicious food, “I shed tears when reading this part about Rosé, because I am just like her!”

Not only has good looks, but Rosé is also praised as a member of BLACKPINK with a carefree personality.  She loves animals and knows how to please her fans.

Source: VOGUE

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