Rosé revealed her first impression of the other BlackPink members

Rosé recalled how she first met all female trainees 9 years ago.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rosé (Black Pink) shares memorable milestones in her life and career.  In it, Rosé also recalled her first impressions of each member when she joined YG Entertainment in 2012.

When Rosé passed YG Entertainment’s global audition and traveled from her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, to Seoul, South Korea, she was only 15 years old.  At that time she joined the company as a trainee.  At first, Rosé felt she would have to compete with many other female trainees at the company.

“I walked in and there was just like a bunch of girls, like quite a lot of them in the room. I remember just feeling intimidated.” – Rosé said. 

Fortunately, the female trainees look pretty “scary”, but they loved each other very much.  Rosé remembers her first memories with Jennie.  Jennie joined YG Entertainment in 2010 and when Jennie was a child, she dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer.  So it’s no surprise that Jennie was a famous dancer by the time Rosé joined YG.  Meanwhile, Rosé never practiced dancing before becoming a trainee.

Jennie was very happy and enthusiastic to help Rosé.  She revealed that Jennie helped me learn all the basic dances.  Above all, because Jennie was raised in New Zealand – where Rosé was born – they both have a common point in being fluent in English.  Rosé recalls how Jennie helped her learn about Korean culture and customs – things she never knew when she was growing up in Australia.

Lisa joined YG Entertainment in 2010. Previously, Lisa shared about the difficulties of having to leave her home country Thailand when she was a trainee.  Since Rosé was in a similar situation, they became very close from the very first days of the meeting.  Lisa is also the first Black Pink member Rosé met.  When she arrived at the company, she came across a girl that until later she realized it was Lisa.  The Thai female idol called Rosé “the Australian girl with the guitar”, with her hair tied back- things that have never changed to this day.

Last but not least, it was Ji Soo, who joined YG just a year before Rosé.  Rosé’s first impression of Ji Soo is a “super cool girl”, a female trainee with an impressive fashion sense: a snapback hat and an oversize black shirt.  Currently, Rosé realizes Ji Soo is a mixture of an interesting girl and a “dumbest person ever”, but in 2012, the main vocalist of Black Pink used to admire the charisma of  Jisoo.

Watching the full Rosé’s interview with Rolling Stone here:

Source: Rolling Stone, Internet

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