Rosé (BLACKPINK) will burn an expensive limousine in her solo MV?

Jennie accidentally “spoiled” this interesting detail in her vlog

Only 1 day left, Rosé’s single album -R- and MV On The Ground will be officially released.  In poster D-2, YG revealed 3 pictures: 1 old picture of Rosé and 2 pictures that are supposed to “spoil” from the MV.

In the poster, there is a picture of a car with a “ROSE” license plate.  But in another image, the car was burned down by a great fire.  Fans immediately guess, in the MV On The Ground, “lovesick” Rosé will burn the expensive car.

More notably, before that, when Jennie released the second vlog about BLACKPINK’s The Show concert.  Here, Jennie and Rosé watched pictures of Rosé’s solo debut.  She accidentally revealed that Rosé had “burned the whole place” (possibly referring to the pictures of the car burned and possibly even more).  Jennie accidentally revealed this interesting detail in her vlog, making fans more curious.

The interesting hints make fans look forward to the solo debut of BLACKPINK’s main vocal.  The single album -R- as well as the MV On The Ground, will be officially released on March 12.

Sources: k14

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