Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a suspicious move on Instagram, fans are excited to guess the date and time she will release a solo MV

BLACKPINK fans should get ready because details related to the MV will be released at any time.

In recent days, many fans are interested in Rosé’s first solo album.  Not only in the BLINKs community (the fandom of BLACKPINK), but those who are interested in Kpop music are looking forward to the female singer’s solo debut.  Because BLACKPINK is currently the number 1 popular girl group in the world, Rosé is the main vocalist of the group, praised as a multi-talented idol, so it is not surprising that fans all over the world are waiting for her solo activities.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a suspicious move on Instagram

Recently, a new move from Rosé has surprised fans.  The female idol suddenly removed the bio line on her personal Instagram!

Before that, her bio line was the link to the group’s online concert THE SHOW.  Or usually, BLACKPINK members will link to the group’s latest music products.  For example, before THE SHOW concert took place, the bio part of the 4 girls was the link to the MV Lovesick Girls – the group’s latest MV.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a suspicious move on Instagram

Because of this common habit, when Rosé removed bio and did not leave any further information, the fans were extremely excited.  It is possible that Rosé will update the bio with a link to pre-order the new album.  Most likely this will happen, as YG Entertainment has previously confirmed that the main vocalist of BLACKPINK will debut with an album!

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a suspicious move on Instagram

Many fans couldn’t help but enjoy this news, and thought that as long as YG Entertainment announced the pre-order for the album of Rosé, they would spend money to support their idol!

– I am extremely excited

– It will be really amazing! I can’t wait anymore

– In my opinion, Rosé will officially make her solo debut on February 11. It’s her birthday

– I’m ready for these amazing things. Please release the MV soon!

– I’ll stay up all night waiting for the teaser

As can be seen, the fans were already eager for Rosé’s solo debut.  Even fans are ready to stay awake to wait for her teaser for tonight.  There is an opinion that Rosé’s music video may be released on February 11, exactly the birthday of the female idol.  And also a teaser for her upcoming MV will be released tonight! Are BLINKs really ready?

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has a suspicious move on Instagram

Sources: kenh14

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