Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Taeyeon cover the same song: ‘inconclusive battle’

Performing the same song with two different style, Rosé and Taeyeon, who sings better?

On the latest episode of Sea of Hope on August 3, Rosé covered Nell’s song “Time Spent Walking Through Memories“. Coincidentally, Taeyeon has also performed this song many times in the past. Therefore, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy the attractive vocal comparison between the two main vocals of BLACKPINK and Girls’ Generation.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Taeyeon cover the same song: ‘inconclusive battle’

Taeyeon has always been known as a talented singer. Her voice has been appreciated since the debut of SNSD. As the years have passed, Taeyeon has increasingly proved her strength as she is always in the top of Kpop’s greatest vocals.
Taeyeon‘s version of Time Spent Walking Through Memories is full of her unique charm. She handled the song as an OST full of pain, sadness, and melancholy.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Taeyeon cover the same song: ‘inconclusive battle’

As for Rosé, the main vocal of the most popular girl group today – BLACKPINK, her voice is loved by many people, but it still can’t avoid controversy.
However, Rosé has constantly strived to improve her voice. Recently, there have been many comments acknowledging her improvement that she has learned how to keep her voice stable and her voice is less piercing. Especially in the latest episodes of ‘The Sea of Hope’, Rosé continuously made impressive performances with sweet ballads.
The main vocal of BLACKPINK also has her own way of performing “Time Spent Walking Through Memories”. Compared to Taeyeon‘s version, it is lighter, a bit improvised, like heads in the clouds, with a subtle sadness just fading away, leaving a feeling of leisurely walking through the memories.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Taeyeon cover the same song: ‘inconclusive battle’

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