Rosé (Black Pink) featured in G-Dragon’s song when she was only 15 years old

Since before debut, the potential voice of Rosé (Black Pink) has received much recognition from seniors, including G-Dragon (Big Bang).

When Rosé was a trainee, she once had a popular duet officially released. She was the anonymous female singer who featured in the song “Without You” on G-Dragon‘s album “One Of A Kind” in 2012. At that time, no one knew Rosé and BLACKPINK’s main vocal was simply referred to as “? of YG New Girl Group”. Although her identity is kept completely confidential, her vocal still received much praise and appreciation from listeners and the leader of Big Bang.

At that time, at the online broadcast of the release of “One Of A Kind”, G-Dragon played several songs for fans first and “Without You” was one of them. He said that he, Taeyang, producer of Choice37, Tablo and Lydia put a lot of effort into the song. G-Dragon also affirmed that his rap part is not the best, Rosé’s part is the highlight of the song.

Rosé was only 15 years old when she recorded “Without You”, but her voice tone and singing style were very unique. G-Dragon shared that he was really immersed in this voice. He praised her voice’s uniqueness, softness and sweetness, “She’s very young but her voice is great. Here’s my favorite tone.” Even Taeyang himself gave praise to Rosé and said that he also loved her vocal.

Knowing this, fans couldn’t help but admire Rosé’s talent from a very young age. For YG fans, it would be even better to have another collaboration project between the two top Kpop stars in the future.

Source: Billboard Vn

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