Rose and Lisa continued to get attention before BlackPink’s comeback

On the night of May 16, on her personal instagram, Rosé (BLACKPINK) suddenly had a livestream to interact with fans. Notably, Rosé not only talked with BLINKs but also opened a music show and showed off her unique vocals next to YG producers. The songs that BLACKPINK’s main vocal performed during the livestream were “The Only Exception” – Paramore, “Read My Mind” – The Killers, “A Little Girl” (“Reply 1988” OST) – Oh Hyuk,  “Somebody Else” – 1975 and “Fix You” by Coldplay.

 She had a cover of the hit “Fix You” (Coldplay). This is a song Rosé often listened to feel relaxed during her trainee days at YG. The “Australian sweetheart” showed off her sweet live vocal, which fans have missed all this time.  Right after the livestream ended, the song “Fix You” was also searched for by many Korean netizens.

After the livestream, the song covered by Rosé – “Fix You” climbed to the 6th place on top trending of Melon search.  Kpop fans all know that Melon is the most reputable chart in the iChart system, so this proves that Rosé’s impact is no joke.  Her name also climbed to the #12 place on top global trending after the live broadcast.

Seeing Rosé finally went on live, and also showed off her singing, surely BLACKPINK’s members could not help but give her lovely comments.  Lisa expressed love to her friend by commenting “I love you”, “I love your voice very much”, “You are so pretty” … making fans feel touched by the members’ relationship.

Not only Lisa, oldest member Jisoo also showed her fangirl energy by “spamming” comments, she even left comments in English for her little sister!

Just with a live stream, Rosé has created a buzz on social media.  Recently Lisa also caught attention on Weibo at the promotion for an advertising brand.  The visuals of Lisa has made many bloggers and online forums posted about.  As expected of BLACKPINK’s angel, Lisa makes netizens flutter with her classy visuals, especially the perfect body ratio.  She looked beautiful, charming and lovely while interacting with fans through the livestream, she shined despite the unfiltered camera lens.

Jennie and Jisoo made the internet curious by giving vague spoilers of the upcoming comeback.  The girls before the comeback have already drawn attention like this, when they actually return, how explosive will it be on social media!?  Let’s wait and see special things BLACKPINK will bring fans in June with their comeback!

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