Rosé and Jennie (BLACKPINK) responded after being criticized by Lisa fans for answering a lot during the interview.

This time, it was not just Jennie and Rosé who answered the interview in English as always.

On October 21, BLACKPINK performed their new song “Lovesick Girls” on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live and gave an online interview on the famous American program Good Morning America. Here, the four members shared a lot about their first full album, and the cute interaction between the members touched their fans.

When the host Michael Strahan asked them, “When the pandemic is over, where are you most looking forward to performing?” Jennie and Rosé encouraged Lisa to answer the question by looking at the maknae. Rosé even put her hand towards Lisa, signaling for her to talk. Lisa’s answer has touched thousands of Blinks: “All around the world because we miss our BLINKS so so much.”

Not only this answer, but BLACKPINK’s action of caring and giving in to each other also touched fans. Typically, only Jennie and Rosé interviewed in English, so the two girls were “terrorized” by Jisoo and Lisa’s crazy fans with many hateful words. This time Rosé and Jennie kindly gave Lisa a chance to talk since she also speaks English well. That was also said to be a response to the above “terrorist” comments.

During the show, BLACKPINK also explained the name of the group’s first full album. When asked by the host, Rosé replied that the girls have come up with many different names but ended up choosing the title “The Album” because they felt fans have been waiting for this album for a long time. The name was simple but contained full meaning and what the four members want to convey. BLACKPINK wanted the pandemic to be over soon so that they can meet fans around the world.

Sources: allkpop

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