Rookie Idol Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed: FIFTY FIFTY #3, LE SSERAFIM #2, First Place is? 

The ranking of rookie idol group brand reputation has been released and is attracting attention.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the ranking of rookie idol group brand reputation for May 2023 on the 11th. The results were analyzed from 18,729,404 brand big data measured from April 11th to May 11th. The target of the survey was rookie idol groups that debuted after 2022.


Accordingly, 1st place was NewJeans, 2nd place was LE SSERAFIM, and 3rd place was FIFTY FIFTY. All of the top 10 were girl groups. Among rookie boy groups, TEMPEST recorded the highest ranking at 11th place.

NewJeans recorded a brand reputation index of 4,272,402 (participation index 699,720, media index 837,798, communication index 1,228,978, community index 1,505,906).


LE SSERAFIM recorded a brand reputation index of 4,102,431 (participation index 678,748, media index 815,056, communication index 1,171,643, community index 1,436,984).

FIFTY FIFTY recorded a brand reputation index of 2,856,729 (participation index 516,852, media index 582,920, communication index 844,475, community index 912,483).


NewJeans was analyzed to have high scores in the link analysis for ‘recording, selection, breakthrough.’ In keyword analysis, ‘Hype boy, Ditto, Minji’ came out the highest. In NewJeans’ positive-negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio recorded 86.92%.

Source: Wikitree. 

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