Rookie girl group’s BlackPink cover stirs debates due to poor quality

A cover of ‘Playing With Fire’ by a girl group named ii is gaining attention because of its exceptionally bad quality..!

A video clip of a 2-member rookie girl group covering BlackPink’s ‘Playing With Fire’ is going viral among K-pop fans all around the world.
In the clip, the girl group made their appearance in a radio broadcast, where they had a chance to show off their talent with BlackPink’s hit ‘Playing With Fire’ to thousands of listening audience.
However, instead of delivering a good, or at least ‘decent’ performance, ii’s cover was said to be unacceptably bad and was severely bashed by K-netizens. Either of the girls had decent singing technique or outstanding voice color. A few parts were not even close to the right notes. Compared to the original song, ii’s cover was just… speechless but in a bad way.
Not only demonstrating poor singing technique, the two girls looked like they didn’t even try. Of course, fans did not buy this attitude.
As netizens comment, this kind of performance should not come from professional singers, because they sound just like high school girls singing in a karaoke room. ii’s agency Stone Music Entertainment clarifies that ii girls were just feeling pressured on their radio debut. The company also promised that ii would come out better in the future. ii recently debuted with ‘I’m Already You’.

Criticisms aside, there are speculations that this could be just some media playing by the company to gain public attention. Who knows a few months later, ii will surprise everyone with their incredible singing?
1. The legendary singer Ori needs to re-debut… If these kids are singers, why can’t Ori?
2. I was listening to the radio at work and I almost asked to change the channel… I thought it was non-celebrities singing.
3. Their singing was worse than an average non-celebrity. I thought it was noise-marketing but their singing is bad even in the music video… Their company knows it too, their singing is covered with auto-tune.
4. Do you know the legendary singer Ori? She screwed up her debut stage and disappeared lmao
5. Even if they were nervous as rookie singers, there are many other rookie singers who practice hard enough to not appear nervous. If you’re professional, you can’t make an excuse like that.
6. This is what you call noise-marketing. They make an issue like this and get their name out there. After that, they’ll appear with perfect singing. If they don’t have an issue like this, they’ll disappear silently. Now people know there’s a team called ii.
7. What’s the standard for picking idols these days? There’s only a couple of talented members in a group and it’s hard to find a good visual…
8. I watched their live singing videos and I was surprised… It feels like Ori has revived… Their songs are so childish and their singing sounds like elementary school kids. They don’t even have good looks. Their facial expressions look like they’ll dominate the indie music… What did their company think to debut these duo?
Sources: kpopkfan

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