Rookie boy group accused of copying BTS’ concepts

Plagiarism in K-Pop is not a new problem, but perhaps a very sensitive topic. This time, it gets more and more complicated as BTS was related.

The rookie group Spectrum have just made an impressive debut with their first song “Light It Up” not long ago. The song is really catchy with the mixture of tropical house and synth pop and strong rap parts. It can be said that Spectrum had potential to grow big with their debut song. Unfortunately, right after the debut promotions, Dongyoon – the one who used to participate in MIXNINE – passed away, shocking his family, the group members and fans both at home and abroad.

SPECTRUM’s member Kim Dongyoon (20 years old) has passed away unexpectedly.

Recently, Spectrum had announced the release of memorial song “Dear!My” in honour of their late member Dongyoon. However, the album cover has become an issue arose among fans. It’s claimed the concept for “Dear, My” is extremely similar to BTS’ concept for ‘Love Yourself: Tear’. Although the article if unfortunate, ARMYs are getting mad at the similarities in the concepts of two groups.

“Dear!My” is an extra special track because the lyrics were partially completed by late member Kim Dong Yoon before his abrupt passing in July. The members of Spectrum also dedicated a heartfelt letter and also shared an album cover image for the tribute piece. Netizens claimed that Spectrum seems to copy BTS on purpose as the number of members is the same, as well as the jean colors, and pose, it’s like they only swap faces.

Until now, both of the two companies of BTS and Spectrum give no responses of the news. However, ARMYs’ disapproval towards the album cover shows no sign of stopping. Hopefully the controversy will be resolved soon!

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