RM was called a ‘language master’ for his emotional speech when BTS won Daesang

BTS’ leader makes people respect with his ability to convey deep, sincere messages.

At 2019 Golden Disk Awards (GDA) ceremony, BTS was honored to win the prestigious Daesang for Love Yourself: Answer album. Standing on stage, the members shared a few words with the audience. In particular, RM’s speech was evaluated by Korean netizen as too impressive, profound and that it has a strong impact on the whole Kpop fan community.

BTS has just received the 19th Daesang award in their career.
BTS has just received the 19th Daesang award in their career.

RM thanked the audience and shared his thoughts on BTS’ achievements in 2018: “First of all, my honor goes out to all ARMYs who’s watching this moment now. Thank you. We were so happy in 2018. It was the fruitful year that we were able to achieve our accomplishments of the things we planned before debut, and many (people) gave us titles that we felt that we did not deserve and felt so honored to our name, to BTS. Actually we felt those titles were something that were rather big to us. We felt somewhat burdened and felt much weight So early last year, we had a bit of difficult time due to receiving many titles. Those ambitions we wanted, perhaps we thought, we were filling in our glasses with overflowing water, more than what we were capable of, and thought if this was truly something we wanted. We, together felt somewhat empty. To think back, title is really something that depends on how person reacts/or does.

The first time we heard the name Bulletproof Boy Scouts, we were worried that this name would be kinda shocking and scary to the audience. This name was already decided even before 2010 but we all hid it before out debut. At that time, we were told to answer that “Our group name hasn’t been decided yet” every time someone asked if we had a group name yet. But right now, even if it’s “BTS”, “Bangtansonyeondan” or “Bangtan”,…all have become so natural, aren’t they? That’s why with this title that is as heavy as this, we believe that if we keep on trying, improving to prove ourselves as well-deserved with the name BTS and these big titles that we are given.”

Following after that, RM continued sharing his humble thought about BTS’s current position: “To be able to receive our first Daesang, it took us 4 years and a half. We are standing here but we feel like this is just a temporary place for us. Nothing belongs to us forever. BTS will always keep calm, no showing off, and no more denying ourselves. We will always work hard and try our best with our members, families and agency in the future. Love you guys.”

RM was able to inspire people with his moving speech.

K-netizens seem to have a positive response to RM’s speech. Many is impressed by how the BTS’s leader could smoothly give out his speech with such emotion and sincerity. Some comments on Naver said: Kim Namjoon always said things that deserved to be quoted in every speech of him. How could he be so good at talking?”; RM speeches always touch my heart”; “It’s hard to find someone in his 20s to be this humble and well-mannered. It’s good to see how BTS always trying their best however high they are”; “In this K-Pop world, is there any leader elsewhere that could give such a sincere speech with enough logic and emotion like RM?”; “He is truly the master of languages. I’m not a fan but I admire RM’s talent”…

RM’s speech also inspired many other groups who were at the GDA yesterday like TWICE, Stray Kids, GOT7…Many idols have listened attentively to him. In the interview after the show, MONSTA X said that those words which are deep from RM’s heart have brought them hope, and they dreamed of one day they will be able to be as successful as BTS today.

Source: iOne

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