RM on BTS being called “The Beatles for the 21st Century”: “It’s so embarrassing…”

BTS RM showed a humble response when they were called the ’21st Century Beatles’ from overseas fans.

On March 28, U.S. entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly released an interview with BTS on its official website and Twitter, along with a photo shoot for the magazine’s cover.

Along with a cover image of BTS that was featured on the magazine cover, they also wrote a comment: “K-pop superstars BTS took America by storm in 2018. Now they’re ready for a victory lap.

In an interview video released, RM said, “I’m really embarrassed when someone calls us (BTS) The Beatles of the 21st Century.

If you want to call us a boy band, we’re a boy band,” he said. “And if you want to call us K-pop, we’re fine with K-pop.”

We’ve lived together for almost eight to nine years,” Jimin said. “We had a lot of fights and conflicts at first, but now we can read each other’s minds just by looking at each other without speaking.


Earlier, the BBC has referred to BTS, who sold out the seats of their two concerts in “LOVE YOURSELF” tour last October at the O2 Arena in London, England: “BTS have sold out O2 Arena concerts, and they are the biggest in the music world. They’re the Beatles for the 21st Century – a global sensation”.

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