Revealing the perfect body of BLACKPINK Lisa via fancam

Let’s take a look at the performance of BLACKPINK Lisa at the Mnet show – Kingdom through another realistic filming angle!

Lisa (BLACKPINK) had an impressive appearance at Kingdom episode 8 aired on May 20.  Performing BLACKPINK’s own song Pretty Savage but without the other members by her side, the BLACKPINK’s maknae is still extremely confident, proving the level of a charismatic and attractive “dancing machine”.

However, after the official clip was released, netizens quickly shared a fancam clip recording her performance at an extremely realistic angle.

The clip shows Lisa’s body and performance in the most obvious way.  It can be seen that the BLACKPINK member showed off her charm with a very standard body.  She still slays the stage without any effects. 

Lisa kingdom
Lisa kingdom
Lisa kingdom

Fans can’t help but be excited when they see this fancam:

  • No matter which angle, she still slays the stage 
  • I’ve replayed Lisa’s part a hundred times. Our maknae is amazing.
  • It feels like watching live, Lisa is the best.
  • Her body kills us!
  • She burned the stage with such a hot body

Source: Youtube

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