Revealing Kris Wu’s daily life in prison, hot girl Du Meizhu was suddenly criticized in the middle of the drama?

The developments after Kris Wu’s arrest continued to receive great attention from fans.

So it has been 2 days since the People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District (Beijing) approved the official arrest warrant for suspect Wu Yifan on suspicion of rape, Chinese media, and fans are both watching the event closely. Now, even the smallest hint of the male singer has become a topic of discussion on SNS.

The iFeng page on the morning of July 18 had an article revealing the life in prison of Kris Wu. A lawyer has gone to Chaoyang prison where the male singer was arrested to get more information here. According to this lawyer, three days before being detained, prisoners must memorize “prison rules”. After entering, someone will come to check them on the spot. If they don’t remember the rules, the prisoner will be sent to clean the toilet or do some other heavy work. In the case of passing the test, the prisoner may only have to do simple things like cleaning the floor, folding towels.

Du Meizhu and Li En
Chaoyang Prison

Notably, in the prison, inmates have to buy instant noodles and toiletries by themselves, so money is very important, each month, the amount spent on this personal thing is about 500 yuan.

Not only that, someone shared more about the timetable in the prison. Accordingly, inmates start getting up at 5:30 a.m, then clean themselves and have breakfast at 6:30 a.m. All will have a 45-minute self-reflection period, followed by a few light activities to take a break before joining the next review class.

Du Meizhu and Li En

In addition, inmates will also have to take classes in legal knowledge and cultural education alternately during the day. Dinner starts from 16.30 pm to 17.00 pm, after eating, we will study culture, recite poetry, watch the news, share activities,… At 21:00, all will return to the cell to rest, the next day. resume activities as before.

In another development, after Kris Wu was imprisoned, there was a new war on social media between Du Meizhu and her close sister Li En. Previously, Li En once stood up to identify herself as Du Meizhu’s cousin and revealed evidence of the relationship between this 19-year-old hot girl and Kris Wu. However, after that, Du Meizhu frankly denied, saying that Li En was just an ordinary friend, not only that, but it also meant that Li En intentionally took advantage of Du Meizhu’s reputation even though they had only met twice.

Du Meizhu and Li En

At 3 am today (August 18), Li En posted a long article with many screenshots. Li En said that, at first, it was Du Meizhu who dragged her and her friend into the chat group to discuss the scandal of Kris Wu, and also discussed who was the first to spread the news on SNS. After Du Meizhu denied the relationship, Li En was criticized by netizens, suffered from heavy cyber violence, and was even blocked by Du Meizhu. Because she could not bear the frustration, now Li En decided to speak out to “unmask” Du Meizhu.

At the present time, Chinese netizens are divided into two sides. One side still supports Du Meizhu, saying that Li En was taking advantage of Meizhu’s reputation. The other side thinks that Du Meizhu has got what she wanted so she forgot about the people who helped her in the past.


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