Returning with “Kill This Love”, why is BLACKPINK said to be making “a revolution” over themselves?

Even though “Kil This Love” couldn’t get a PAK on the digital charts and had to pass their “Youtube title” down to BTS, it is undeniable that the mini album is a big leap in BLACKPINK’s career compared to “Square Up”.

BLACKPINK is officially back on track with mini album and title song “Kill This Love”. Though they didn’t receive many achievements in Korea due to short promotion, their new album is considered a breakthrough of these 4 YG golden girls after the June comeback.

An album good from inside out

Ever since the tracklist was released, BLINKS have been so much eager because they were all created by Teddy – the “hit witch” This is like a guarantee for the success of the girls this time. However, when it was first released, “Kill This Love” stumbled upon controversial opinions for its complicated sound, that seems to be less attractive than the super hit “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”. But the song is more and more addictive as it is heard over and over again. Ear-catching chorus, strong melody and fierced Rap/Hiphop ending sure is Teddy’s style.

Title song “Kill This Love” but strong beat, more addictive over time.

We could say that “Kill This Love” is an upgraded version of “Square Up”. Aside from 4 upbeat b-sides, this mini album comes along with a song “Hope Not” with soft, sweet melody. It’s been a long time since fans get to enjoy the 4 girls’ warm voices, ever from “Stay” in 2016. Especially, Lisa – the rapper who usually doesn’t have many vocal lines, now has the chance to show off her clear voice making fans go wild.

As if giving fans eargasm is not enough, MV “Kill This Live” also “kill it” with its visual through priceless scenes. The MV was remarkable with many camera views, keeping their best beauties and auras. The members get to change their outfits regularly making fan keep their eyes on them, sometimes sexy with girlcrush concept and sometimes change to strong feminism style, much fiercer than “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”.

The MV that made “Jennie and friends” disappear.

BLACKPINK’s fandom usually has fan wars over the group’s line distribution and the one who is compared the most is no other than Jennie. Originally the group’s rapper but she always have nearly as much lines as the main vocal Rosé. For example in “SQUARE UP”, in 2 out of 4 songs the most lines were given to Jennie. In constrast, Jisoo has quite too little lines even though the visual has a warm tone and is improving over time. The song that she has the least amount of line is “Forever Young” with only 10,4s/

That is why fans pay special attention on each member’s line distribution this comeback. Like “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”, maknae Lisa is the one who sings the least in “Kill This Love” with only 21,5%. But afterall their line distribution this time pleases the netizen due to its fairness, Lisa’s part is only 10s shorter than that of Rosé’s and has no much difference compared to othe members.However fans were quite disappointed as lead vocal Jisoo couldn’t fully show off her ability when her part is only in third place out of 4 (22%).

Drawing on the experience from the “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV, YG also knows how to soothe fans when choosing uniform clothes among the girls in “Kill This Love”, smashing Jennie biased rumors. In particular, Lisa is no longer “stylized” by the stylist for the ugliest and most ridiculous one of the group. Instead, the rebellious figure and warrior costumes have highlighted her “Western doll” beauty.

In addition, the amount of screen time is also equally divided, the members all shine with priceless moments. Jisoo and Rosé – 2 members who often show up least in the previous MVs, are now “taking over” with the unreal beauty and unbelievably excellent auras.

Live performance is “getting even better”

Compared to the common ground of third generation girl groups, BLACKPINK’s is quite strong with diverse tones. Jennie has a strong voice, Jisoo has an impressive husky voice, Rosé is famous for her unique high-pitched voice, and Lisa is impressive with her voice is warm, clear and bright.

However, the live singing ability of BLACKPINK is always the subject of netizen controversy. On some stages during “DDU-DU DDU-DU” promotion, if Jennie and Lisa still able to maintain stability, Rosé and Jisoo are somewhat short of breath, deviating from the whole song. Typically, the main vocal Rosé has always been criticized for over-pressing her voice, resulting in high-pitched vocals.

But recently, BLACKPINK has erased all doubts about their ability when performing a 1-hour peak live performance at Coachella. Singing and dancing 13 songs in a row but the girls still manages to exploded on the stage and still kept the fire as well as stable voice until the last song. This made the fans more proud because BLACKPINK was the first Kpop girl group to appear at the biggest music festival on the planet and had a good performance, conquering the majority of European and American audiences.


The successful “IN YOUR AREA” concert in LA also added “cold water” to antifan, proving the widespread coverage of BLACKPINK. The girls sing extremely well on the new orchestra, devoting themselves to group performances as well as their own solo parts. Looking at the bright pink sea and the mighty fanchant like this, who dares to say the concert ticket, BLACKPINK is only selling good in Southeast Asia!

If “Square Up” and super hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” are a stepping stone for the name of BLACKPINK to reach out to the world, the album “Kill This Love” promises to help the girls reach America successfully. Certainly 4 girls will go even further in their careers, let us continue to look forward and support the next music products of BLACKPINK.

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