Rejecting Big Bang subway ads that include Seungri, Fan Plus says: “Please refrain from swearing and slandering”

Fan Plus has explained the controversy over the subway advertisement that includes Big Bang former member Seungri.

On the afternoon of July 17th, Fan Plus delivered the news through Twitter, saying, “This is about the selection of a draft design for Big Bang subway advertisements that many fans are inquiring about.”

Fan Plus began to explain the Big Bang subway advertisement draft, saying, “The entries that failed to comply with the precautions are automatically eliminated, and the draft that received the highest RT at the closing time is confirmed as the final advertisement design.”

Fan Plus said, “The draft which received the most and third most RTs at the closing time, is the drafts of the same applicant,” adding, “It violated article 4 of the precautions: “Only one work may be submitted per person.”

Regarding eliminating the draft that received the second most number of RTs, Fan Plus explained: “According to the Korea Metro’s advertisement policy, ‘advertisement materials should not be an offense against the public order and public morals.’ In response, we asked the Korea Metro in detail and received a reply that it would be impossible to display an advertisement if the draft included Seungri.”

“After eliminating invalid drafts, we chose the draft that received the most RTs by the deadline,” Fan Plus said, “Please refrain from sending excessive abusive and slanderous messages.”

Recently, Fan Plus held a fan vote for celebrities on their birthdays and anniversaries in August and finalized a subway advertisement draft of Big Bang who debuted in August.  However, some fans raised questions about the final draft of the advertisement.

Seungri, an unqualified figure for subway advertisement, left Big Bang due to the Burning Sun scandal. Seungri is currently serving in the military and will face trial in a military court on charges of arranging prostitution and gambling.

Sources: topstarnews

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