Red Velvet’s Joy expressed her apologies to Luvies via Lysn app following her dating news breaking out

Joy’s letter immediately attracted attention.

The revelation that Joy (Red Velvet) is dating male singer Crush made headlines this morning (August 23). The two management groups confirmed that Joy and the male artist are dating shortly after. 

Fans have been nothing but supportive of the couple in the light of their dating revelation. Joy took the time to write a few words to her adoring fans via the Lysn app.

Her full text is as follows:

“Luvies…Luvies, hi!!

This is Joy. I’m so sorry… Luvies, you must have been the most shocked about the sudden news… It would’ve been great if I could tell you in advance… You were very shocked, right? I’m really sorry as it seems like I have given you needless worries during a time when the members and Luvies were all excited from being on stage for the first time in a while.

We are still at the stage where we have just confirmed our feelings for each other and are getting to know each other bit by bit, so I was being careful yet panicked that the article came out this early, but I’m writing this post because I think Luvies are even more surprised than me.

I really hope that the Luvies who have been treasuring and loving me up to now can be understanding and supportive… I’m really sorry to shock you so suddenly. I’m really worried that you guys will be concerned over various things for today. I will try harder so you worry less. Our Luvies that always love us without holding back, I’m sorry and I love you!”

– Joy

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