Red Velvet’s Irene, ‘Disappointing fans with attitude controversy’ ★ ’1st place’

Red Velvet’s Irene took 1st place on the poll ‘Celebrities who disappoint fans due to controversy over attitude’.

Red Velvet Irene

From the 15th to the 21st, on ‘Dcinside’, a poll titled ‘Which celebrity disappointed fans with attitude controversies?’ was held.

Of the total number of votes of 6,585, Irene received 26.41% (1,739 votes) and took first place, followed by Seo Ye-ji with 17.98% (1,184 votes), Lee Na-eun with 11.12% (732 votes).

In this poll, Irene’s rank was said to be owing to her unrelenting, lame and 4D personality.

Last year, Irene was embroiled in a controversy for insulting the editor and stylist. In response, Irene acknowledged her actions by writing a long apology.

After that, she took a hiatus and made a comeback after 10 months. Recently, on the 7th anniversary of her debut through Naver VLIVE, Irene gained attention by revealing that she learned a lot during her break.

Red Velvet made a group comeback with Irene’s return, and is currently promoting their new mini-album ‘Queendom’.

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