Red Velvet’s funny moment: Forgot to take the cup, then came back and took the wrong one of TWICE

With this situation of Red Velvet, fans also … just give up because of this lovely and funny moment.

On December 20, the “Korea Popular Music Awards” (KPMA) awards ceremony took place for the first time in Korea. At the awards ceremony, a very funny detail of Red Velvet made the fans laugh out loud. Specifically, Red Velvet and TWICE were named together to receive the Bonsang Award. However, with the absence of TWICE, only Red Velvet went directly to the stage to receive the award. After sharing and thanking the fans, the 5 Red Velvet girls have naturally come back and forgot that they haven’t taken the trophy yet. Only when the staff reminded them did Red Velvet rush back to get the cup.

 After saying thank you, Red Velvet casually "abandoned" the cup at the stage and went empty-handed.
After saying thank you, Red Velvet casually “abandoned” the cup at the stage and went empty-handed.

Humor reached its peak when the youngest, Yeri, did not pay attention and mistakenly took the TWICE trophy. When Seulgi told Yeri to leave it behind because that was TWICE’s trophy, the youngest sister of Red Velvet, realized it and put it back. The audience there, as well as netizens after watching this image, could not help laughing:

  • “Thank goodness, SNSD’s successive national comedy is here!”.
  • “Oh my, how come there are 5 people but no one remembers having to take the cup back. It’s so funny.”
  • “Yeri, a trophy is enough. Or do you want to hold the cup for TWICE as well?”
  • “Look at the girls rushing down the stage in fear. Red Velvet is always lovely in every action.”
Hey, did Yeri want to take the cup for TWICE?

Red Velvet delivered the speech for the prize and forgot to bring the cup back. When they came back, they mistakenly took both their trophy and TWICE’s.

Sources: k14

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