Red Velvet will return with the full-lineup in January and May, officially attacking the US market?

A part of Red Velvet’s upcoming schedule has been suddenly leaked and was being spread on the internet.

Recently, Wendy’s health situation has been greatly improved after the treatment of a fall injury at the end of last year. She has also started participating in some activities with Red Velvet. Therefore, fans are looking forward to Red Velvet soon having a true comeback with the full 5-member lineup in the near future. And recently, fans have seen a lot of interesting details when the expected schedule of Red Velvet was suddenly leaked.

Specifically, recently, fans spreaded on social networking sites and forums about the expected schedule of Red Velvet. Based on this rumored schedule, Red Velvet seems to be relatively busy from the beginning of next year. Accordingly, the SM girlgroup plans to have a comeback in Korea with a 5-member lineup in January 2021 as fans have expected recently.In addition, in February, the group will also be filming and soon broadcast their familiar reality show Level Up! Project season 4 on KBS.

Another point that attracted fans’ attention is the group’s plan to attack the US market. It seems that SM has planned to expand the group’s operating market to the international market when SM let 5 girls have a “pitch” in the US in May 2021. Fans also saw that Red Velvet’s single will be produced by Max Martin – hitmaker of US-UK artists such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift,… This promises that Red Velvet’s debut song in the new market will conquer many international achievements.

Although the information in Red Velvet’s leaked schedule has not been confirmed by SM, fans are still hope that will come true.Previously, Korean media reported that Red Velvet will soon return in late 2020 and early 2021. Some fans have also seen a few members recording for the reality show. Those things keep fans waiting for the outstanding upcoming schedules of Red Velvet.

Let follow and support Red Velvet’s future activities!

Sources: saostar

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