Red Velvet voted for the member that has become more beautiful and the result is surprising

Red Velvet appeared in ‘Entertain Weekly’ and showed off their humbleness.

On KBS 2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on the afternoon of November 30th, Red Velvet, who recently returned to the title track “Really Bad Boy,” reportedly had a fun guerrilla date.

When asked, “Who is the member that looks better than when she debuted?” Except for Joy, all the members pointed to themselves, making everyone laugh. Wendy said, “Show us some data photos,” making the guerrilla date scene feel closer.

Meanwhile, along with ‘RBB’, Red Velvet’s new album includes “ButterFlies,” which compares the magical feeling of falling in love compared with a butterfly, R&B-based Future Base song ‘So Good’, which expresses feelings of love, “Sassy Me”, which shows Red Velvet’s various captivating vocals and the pop dance song with the old school feels ‘Taste’.

Sources: dailysportshankook

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